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Universal Vacuum Forming specializes in the custom vacuum forming of plastic parts and components.  Our proprietary process assures our customers of a strong quality product. Our process avoids subjecting the plastic sheet material to the extreme heat that causes a premature breakdown of the plastic molecules.  We have been producing quality products for our customers since 1990.

Our customers have accepted delivery on products ranging from Point of Purchase displays (POP), to packaging products, to component parts and finished goods.   We can take your product from concept, to drawing to finished goods, or any stage in between.    
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Universal Vacuum Forming has the capability to produce products as small as one square inch and as large as 5 feet by 6 feet (1.52 meters by 1.83 meters) in plastics ranging from .025 inches to .5 inches (.635 mm to 12.7 mm) in thickness. Our specialty however is thicker gauge plastics.  We can form your product with a small depth or deep draw your product to a depth or height of 3 inches (7.62 cm).                                          
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Our production run size ranges from a single custom prototype to full production runs of tens of thousands of pieces.  We offer our customers a variety of production options, including but not limited to a single shipment or shipment releases against a blanket order.  A feature very important in controlling costs and inventories.                                                  
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Products made of Styrene, ABS, Pet G, Kydex, Acrylic and Lexan can be coated, screened or co-extruded.  We can color machine any plastic to your proprietary formula.  We can also produce your product in clear plastic.                                                              
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Universal Vacuum Forming has complete mold making capabilities.  With your supplied drawing or sample, we can produce the mold to form the parts or product required.  We take full advantage of both male and female molds to optimize the strength, performance and appearance of the product to be produced.                                                      
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We have complete trimming and fabricating equipment including saws, routers and die cutters.  This enables Universal Vacuum Forming to supply your product fully trimmed and processed or in a rough trim stage.                                                                
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